About Sandra

Sandra came from a really humble family and worked really hard to walk out poverty in her younger days. She is also known to be the first and only female champion for the Mediacorp Radio Subaru Impreza Challenge in 2007. Her determination is well known to all.  She believes that determination can solve every problem and situation in all aspects of life. Currently an inspiring entrepreneur with a few businesses in Singapore, mostly involving IT and business space solutions that aim to help small and medium enterprises in Asia. She is also a qualified Polestar Pilates instructor with Polestar Federation since 2009. In March 2017, she has been awarded the Women Entrepreneur Award in Pulsar category, in recognition of her business success. Dancing, skydiving and traveling are also a few of Sandra’s passions in life other than IT and Pilates. She loves to challenge herself and test her ability both physically as well as mentally. She is also passionate about giving back to the society and is a huge supporter for animals and children. She believes that she would not have made it till today if she hasn’t receive these assistance when she was a child, so she should do her part for those who need help now. Sandra has decided to write her very first book in 2015 as one of her personal goals in her life – “Obstinacy Power - How Determination Can Empower You And Make You A Winner”. She later co-authored another book in 2016 - "Successful Women in Business", sharing her business knowledge gained from her entrepreneurship "4 Lessons on How to Increase Success Rates for Any Start-up"Click here now to know more about her books and learn how she does it all! 

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