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Research and more Research

Going through the audio recording for my interview with NeoAsia’s MD, Mr Jimmy Ang, and I am still quite intrigued by his words. Research, research and more research and that could be one of the key factors to a successful business. Jimmy emphasized to me how his venture in spa business in China didn’t take off in 2003 because his research was not done in depth enough. Timing is the key to everything. Everything has to happen at the right timing. That reminds me of my decision to go back into IT instead of starting a Pilates business in 2009. Very valuable information collected for my book. 🙂

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Interview with Queen of Beauty

Having to dig the brains of a few entrepreneurs, it made me realised that it was all pure dedication and strong belief in their products and services that made their businesses an outstanding brand to consumers. I had the honour to interview someone I would call, the Queen of Beauty, Ms Mathilda Koh, the CEO of Bioskin – Face Slimming Body. I have been a Bioskin customer for almost 13 years and I have always been very impressed by how Mathilda merge technology with beauty. I am not really a fan of putting on makeup so I believe in good skin care regime. I get occasional compliments on my skin and I must really thank Bioskin for “preserving” my skin well after so many years.

Mathilda shared that Bioskin use technology to “lock in” your age and I was so thrilled to hear that because I want to look younger than my actual age and I am glad that I started using their services much earlier! Isn’t that what all women want? To have good, flawless skin and look youthful? Not to mention that my facial sessions are also relaxing and allows me to relax my mind.

Interestingly, Bioskin has widen their service range to include hair care too! Well, I would say hair is easily as important the face, because without hair, one would look really old. I take really good care of my hair especially recently I had to use a lot of hair products for my dance competitions. Amazing beauty tech that she is bringing into Singapore. Check out this link for the amazing technology! –

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Successful Women in Business

2016 has really been an exciting year for me on a personal level. I never thought that I would ever be able to have my own book and not just 1 but 2 now! I’m pleased to announce that I have co-authored “Successful Women in Business” has went publication! Check out the pretty book cover! Thank you Lovely Silks Publishing for the awesome support!

Look out for the sale launch soon!!!

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5 Powers

Moving on to listen to my other interviews in the last couple of days and I really love the 5 Powers that Mathilda Koh, CEO of Bioskin – Face Slimming Body, has shared with me. Running a business that involves a retail space involved a lot of courage in my personal opinion because the expenses cost each month is quite stressful. Having to go through a few economic crisis proves that Mathilda is a really strong capable woman and someone that worth looking up to. Can’t wait to share the valuable information she has given to me in my book.
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Publishing My Very First Book

Writing my book #obstinacypower was my goal for 2015. I didn’t realised that it could be such a long process! But I’m glad that I have the support of my publisher and a lot of guidance from Gerry Robert. Although I rarely see him (maybe once or twice a year!) but he has got one of the most professional teams around, always ready to answer questions from noobs like me. I’m really looking forward to get the physical book soon!
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“Just a pretty face” – the line this IT whizz has never forgotten

Thank you This Woman Can​ for the feature. I’m glad to be able to share with other fellow ladies on my experience. Hope that they persevere on what they enjoy doing and never give up because we can! A good weekend Peep!

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“Just a pretty face” – the line this IT whizz has never forgotten

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Discount for Heliocare Products

Hey peeps! Remember I was sharing about the oral sunblock pills and the oil free sunblock from Heliocare? They are having a 20% discount on their web store now! Code is VIP20 and it is valid till 17 Jan 2017. Makes a good X’mas gift too! #xmas2016 #xmas #sunblock #skinprotection #trending #discount

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Good Bye 2016, Hello 2017

Summing up my 2016:

Travel – Stepped out of Singapore 13 times this year for both work and leisure. Breaking my 10 times record last year. Seeing new country, swimming with whale sharks had been exciting but I didn’t skydive this year.

Work – Migrated and implemented cloud ERP, CRM and accounting systems in Nucleo to improve productivity and better visibility of the business. Pretty proud that I managed to push it through (of course with help of various guys from my team and some of my best interns). I’m a little disappointed with the few hires I had this year. Back to square one in terms of head counts. We also lost a few old clients this year but that’s business. Importantly, we will have a new IT solution for 2017.

Family – So glad that I spent more time with family this year. Someone ever told me – No point being all successful and you have no love ones with you. So family trips continue! 2017 will be a challenge trip as there will be a newborn and toddler in the group. Not to mention my closest cousin is also pregnant with another nephew, which is a wonderful news to close off my 2016. I feel so happy with these new additions at home! It’s all noisy again!

Dancing – Looking back at my videos last year at this time, I look really really horrible with super bad balance. Not that I am dancing at my best now but I am quite happy with the improvement I have made after putting in the time and effort to practise almost every night after reaching home despite feeling drained or tired from work. So hard work do pay off! Of course, winning competitions is important but enjoying the journey is equally as important. And I love having a fit body again!

Additional surprises in 2016 – Having another book “Successful Women in Business” was a huge surprise. Felt really honored when my publisher asked me to contribute a chapter to share some of my entrepreneurship journey with people.

Thank you 2016! Let’s make 2017 as memorable and even better! Happy New Year​ everyone! May 2017 be an awesome year for you!

p/s: I have the same 24 hours a day like everyone else. Curious about how I do all these? Look out for my new book – Obstinacy Power in 2017!

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