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Subaru Challenge is Back Again

It is the time of the year again when the Mediacorp Subaru Challenge is on. Every year in October, I will get the usual questions from people – any tips to share so that they can stand a higher chance to win the car. 9 years ago, I did the craziest thing in my life. I pushed my own limits and won a Subaru car. Found that screenshot in my hard disk when I was looking for some photos for a CNA interview.

It’s almost 1 week to the challenge. I hope that the contestants sleep as much as possible this week, pay off any sleep debts and continue to eat and exercise well to prepare for the challenge.

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What to Wear for Subaru Challenge

What to wear if you are going for the Subaru Challenge?

First of all, let’s be realistic. It is a tough challenge, standing in the sun and rain for at least 4 days 3 nights. You want to be as comfortable as possible and be ready for all kind of weather. I like my bikinis and surf shorts. Keep me cool and dry easily if it rains. Slippers are the best. And please, no makeup and running shoes, unless you don’t mind looking like a panda or be barefooted because you had to take off your shoes after a downpour. I prefer to keep my hair off my face too.

A picture of me in my infamous red surf shorts and with my 2005 challenge buddy, Naz. One of the many good friends that I made from this challenge. I made a mistake in 2006 and didn’t wear it. Weather was too hot and I was in Gortex pants. Lesson learnt and I put back my red surf shorts in 2007 and won the challenge. My lucky red shorts. 🙂

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One Thing Prior to Subaru Challenge

Someone asked me – what is one thing that you would definitely do prior to stepping into Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza for the #subaruchallenge?

My answer – Sunblock! Although I can’t reapply during the challenge, but at least I get to apply before it and avoid some sun damage. Sun burnt is equally as bad as water retention.

One of my favourite photos from the 2006 challenge. I lasted only 50 hours as I got water retention on both feet. That was my 2nd attempt. See how tiny my palm is. Heehee. My advantage for the challenge.

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Surviving the Subaru Challenge Days

I was laughing happily at some jokes and my favorite photographer from the 2007 #subaruchallenge caught it. Must be on the first day where the challenge just started because I was still looking so fresh. This photo has one of the other strongest and determined ladies that I know too – Analiza. It was the year where the theme was the Battle of Sex. Male vs Female. These ladies made my battle much easier.

During the challenge:

1. Keep yourself entertained by talking to people around you. Make friends and time will pass faster this way.
2. Focus on counting down to each break time i.e. every 6 hours. Don’t focus on the hours that past. Positive thinking.
3. Dance! Keep your legs moving to avoid water retention.

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3 Important Lessons Learnt from Subaru Challenge

3 lessons that I have learned from the #subaruchallenge
1. Teamwork is important for better time management. 5 minutes is so precious during the challenge. Organise half the car to go for toilet breaks and the other half to get food to avoid the human jam.
2. Family support is the key to everything. I had a lot of family and friends supporting me throughout the 4 days. Naz, my 2005 challenge buddy was there, together with Desmond (other veterans I know from the challenge), my bestie and my sis. I’m very thankful that the photographer captured this moment for me to see.
3. Winning may be important, but the journey matters more. I made a lot of great friends from the challenge, even prior to winning the car.

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Winning Moment

I have always been an average performer in school. Failed History and Literature. Couldn’t get into my dream IT course in polytechnic, went into Mechantronics Engineering instead. But I never regret a single thing that happened because no matter what I do, I will always try my best and I made the best out of everything at every scenario. Saw this photo of me winning the car feels a bit unrealistic. Sometimes I still don’t believe that I actually did such a crazy thing. As the saying goes – If you never try, you will never know. And when you try, just don’t give up so easily.

The #subaruchallenge has really made me push myself to my limits. 4 days 3 night without sleep and under the sun and rain has made me realised that I could do a lot more with this #obstinacypower of mine. Determination can get you any goals and anything you want in your life. You just have to believe that you can do it and get the right strategy around it. My family told me that this was also their proudest moment. <3 Wishing all the contestants a better weather for the next 4 days and may the best hand win! #carchallenge #subaruchallenge #mediacorpcarchallenge #tips #winacar #familylove

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Winner of Mediacorp Subaru Challenge 2016 is Out!

Checking on Ana, while I had my lunch at Paul. Look at the crowd supporting them!

Ali, the #subaruchallenge winner for 2016! Well done my friend!

Yusman (2013 winner), Kevin (my 2007 fellow male winner), Jai (2014 winner, existing record holder), Huynh (2015 winner from Vietnam), KC (2011 winner on extreme right).

Photo with some Subaru Alumni friends. George (2008 winner, aka the guy who broke my record) in black.
Yesterday was a really exciting day for us, the Subaru Alumni, because the results of the challenge would be out and a few of the people from the gang made it to top 5. Every year, without fail, I will pop by, together with some past winners, to cheer on the final 3 people and hope that the winner would be one of the veterans we know. It was an extremely tough fight between Ali and Analiza. Ali has taken part 12 times and Ana did 9. Both equally as qualified to be a winner and in fact, both of them were already winners in our hearts. But it is all down to the challenger’s mind on the very last day. Any small mistake will disqualify you to be the winner. Both of them are equally as tired (mentally and physically). We know what kind of mistakes they would made, and we could only stand anxiously outside, shouting at them, giving them small instructions to keep them awake. The gang tried to help out with their families while they keep an eye on them – we were all taking turns to carry Ali’s baby girl and check on Ana’s daughter to make sure she is ok. It was a community spirit.
Ali won and it was painful for me to see Ana crying. I have no words of consolation for her to make her feel better. All I squeezed out of my mouth was Ana, there is always next year. Don’t give up and you will be a winner for sure. You are already a fellow female winner in my heart.
A challenge is cruel. You can only have 1 winner and you have 2 friends fighting for it…


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Tips for Channel News Asia Journalist

I’m glad that you tried out some of my strategies during the #subaruchallenge and I hope that it has been useful for you Xabryna Kek​! This challenge has pushed me to do things beyond my own limits and that push can be helpful in many other areas in life too. Hope that it will inspire you to do something crazier in time to come!

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Interview with Neoasia’s Managing Director, Mr Jimmy Ang

re did mention in one of my postings that the 1 thing I would always do prior to the Subaru Challenge was to apply sunblock. Heliocare is one of my favorite brands in the market. I chanced upon this brand from my GP and I love their sunblock because it is oil-free! Awesome for my combination skin. Do you know that there are even an oral sunblock pills? Amazing technology!

I was asked by my publisher to interview our local successful entrepreneurs as a research for my book and I started thinking about those brands that I have been using and see which are the ones that locally breed in Singapore for years. NeoAsia has been around for 20 over years! Pluck up my courage and called up NeoAsia to seek for an interview with their Managing Director, Mr. Jimmy Ang, and he agreed to it! I was thrilled because it would be great insights for my readers and to be able to include some of his views into my book. He was super nice and shared his stories of how he started up and what was critical to a start-up in the distribution business.

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My Nightmare Spins

The spins were tough in my routine but with pure determination and positive attitude, we have managed to perform this in front of our audience at Singapore Open Dance Championship 2016. During training, I have puked twice, broke a pair of shoes, countless bruises and scratches on my elbow and knees but no regrets. 🙂