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Effective Marketing Strategies

Effective Marketing Strategies

Simply put, marketing is the process of promoting and selling of products and/or services. Marketing is essential in business growth. And for a business to stay on top, they need to explore different marketing strategies. And what are these strategies? Each marketing strategy is unique and you shouldn’t confuse them with each other. It is important to differentiate each for a business to be able to identify which works best for their business. The type of strategy you should use depends on the line of industry you are in. Here are some of the most effective strategies you could use for your business:


  • Online/Internet Marketing

Obviously this happens on the internet. Your products and services reach people through the internet. Most businesses nowadays have websites that allow them to promote their products. Social media platforms are also used in internet marketing. This is proved to be effective as there are around 3 billion people on the internet these days.


  • Paid Advertising

It includes traditional approaches like print media and television advertising. This is mostly used by large companies.


  • Cause Marketing

This is an approached used by Toms Shoes, a shoe company. If you buy a pair from them, they will give away one pair for free to someone in need. It is an effective marketing strategy as it convinces people to buy your products because of their desire to help.


  • Transactional Marketing

This approach is mostly used by retailers. They convince people to buy products by giving out coupons, discounts and conducting sales events.


  • Word of Mouth Marketing

Traditionally, this is the most important marketing technique. People sometimes rely on testimonials of other people who have already tried a certain product. In order to produce word of mouth, a company should be able to deliver exceptional customer service


  • Relationship Marketing

This type of strategy is done through enhancing relationship with existing customers to promote loyalty. People like the feeling of being valued and they don’t like to feel pressured to buy something.


  • Undercover Marketing

This approach is not obvious to consumers as they will not know that you are marketing your product to them. It’s like getting them excited about your product/service without actually asking them to buy.

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Wise words from a rich man

Li Ka-Shing: If You Are Reaching 40 Years Old and You Do Not Want to Be Poor, Please Take At Least 1 Minute to Read This

When you are 20 years old and do not have enough money, that’s normal.

If you are 30 years old, you need to work harder.

If you are 40, then you need to find the reason why.

Hong Kong’s Li Ka-Shing once said: Whether you are a man or a woman, if you want to succeed, this is what you have to do:

1. Stop believing in fantasy

This is the reality. Feelings alone can’t feed you.

Don’t believe in what you see in movies, it’s just an illusion. Only irrational and unrealistic people believe in movie fantasy.

2. Give yourself a goal

Set a goal, one year, two years, five years, maybe you are not born rich, but through hard work, most of the time you will be able to change 70% of your destiny.

Li Ka-Shing spends more than 90% of the time to think five years, ten years after the future, not now.

As early as 2006, he reminded the executive team to reduce debt, ready to deal with the danger. Then in 2007, while the subprime mortgage crisis swept the world, his company was safe to spend.

3. Show reciprocity

When your friends treat you a meal, don’t take it for granted.

Remember to show reciprocity, or your reputation will get worse.

4. Find a true friend

Among your circle of friends, you must cultivate a confidant.

Do not think that you have many friends around because, in the end, there could be only one who you is true to you. Trust me.

5. Don’t believe everything in horoscope

Horoscopes are just to coax children.

Your destiny is in your own hands.

Sitting around at home waiting for a big house and a big car, it won’t happen. You might as well sleep and dream about it.

6. Do not talk behind people’s back

If you don’t like someone, spend less time around them.

But remember do not talk bad or gossip behind their back. You are as bad as a gossiper.

7. Spend less time on computer games

This is not Korea. Not many have the ability to make a living by playing computer games.

You may be a high-level character in your game, but it does not mean you are successful.

You can have a hobby but do in moderation. Because too much time spending on games will affect and occupy your success time.

For more than 60 years, Li Ka-Shing works 12 hours a day. After dinner he watches 20 minutes of English TV programme, and practice loudly. Then reads before bedtime and wakes up at 5:59 am every morning….a very strict self-discipline.

8. Don’t be lazy to take action

People are lazy, it’s innate.

But we can change this laziness because people are always changing.

For some kind of thing or business, do not wait for others to do it, then say I could have thought of it.

Do not wait for someone else to make money, then you want to do it. No one will wait for you.

9. Know what to do

In the dead of the night,

ask yourself, your future plans, and in what direction to achieve instead of doing nothing and wasting your time.

10. Find a way

Way out, go out, there will always be a way.

Difficulty, suffering, staying put is not a way.

11. Woman can do big things

As a woman, do not think that many things are none of your business.

If you think you only just need to wash laundry, cook, taking care of children then you are wrong, big time.1

12. What to do in life

Life, to do: Filial piety for the first, teach children to do good, being a harmonious husband and wife, equates to happy long years.

However, these are not just a lip service.

For the early years to do these, needs a lot of effort and hardships. Today’s society needs you to pay a huge sum of money, smart people know this reason.

13. Spend your time wisely

During your free time, do not often go online and do meaningless things or play some meaningless games.

Go read some literary works, learn some business process, management practices, international affairs, legal knowledge.

This will ensure that you have a topic to talk about at any party.

14. Keep trying

There is a saying, “would rather kill wrongly 1000 information than to let go of a chance of success”.

Only this you won’t live in regret.

15. Word of success

Before success, to do one thing, there is no need to tell other people.

After the success, you do not have to say and other people will know. This is the effect of the information age.

16. Maintain a presentable image

Hair, nails, beard, trim them.

The society is judgemental.

Unless you are an artist, please do not take the risk.

Even if you look good in long hair, ensure that you give a clean, presentable image.

17. Maintain your health

Do not think you are a man, you do not need maintenance.

At least your diet cannot be too casual. Eat more tomatoes, seafood, leeks, bananas. They are beneficial to men’s health.

If you cannot see the value, I can tell you, at least you can save the money to buy your wife a few more cosmetics instead of paying a medical bill.


Strive to go forward, do not always think of relying on others.

People are selfish, hence you, yourself are the most reliable person.

In the face of failure, do not care too much.

Failure happens to anyone. Suffer your mind, labour its bones, hungry till the skin, but in the process, you need to learn to be accountable, find reasons and get rid of bad habits.

Everyone has a chance to succeed!

You can succeed only if you want to give yourself the chance to do so.

So do it now.


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Drive versus Passion

Drive versus Passion

You might be wondering what is more important in becoming successful. Is it your drive? Or your passion? Is there any difference between the two? Do you need to have both in order to be successful? A lot of people confuse passion with drive. They are both great personalities that each one of us should have. With both passion and drive, you will have the motivation to succeed, so yes both are important in reaching your dreams. Do you need to have both? Not really. They are two completely different forces and you should be able to identify which one you have.

Passion is a strong emotion that lets you do something you really love. It is uncontrollable enthusiasm to do something. So if you are passionate about your job, no one needs to force you to go to work every single day. You go to work at your own will and you enjoy doing it. When you are passionate, you work hard and strive to get better and better at your job. It is some sort of an addiction to do something and you go all out doing it. You are inspired to accomplish things and it pushes you to move forward. You are not only committed to reaching your goal but you are enjoying the path to making it happen. Passion also gives you a sense of satisfaction.


Drive on the other hand is a strong urge to reach your goal or satisfy a need. You are only focused on your desire for success and recognition that you don’t really see the beauty of what you are doing. A person who is motivated by drive does not easily get satisfied even after reaching their goal. They feel like they still need to do more so they tend to overwork. After reaching a goal, they start focusing on the next. When you are motivated by drive, you don’t necessarily have to like what you are doing but you enjoy the comfort and recognition it gives. Drive will make you feel as though you are running on adrenaline. You live with a sense of urgency and you have trouble slowing down. Reaching your goal is the only thing on your mind and you won’t stop until you finally do.


So which one do you think is better, passion or drive? As mentioned, both gives the same end result which is success. Not all of of us can be successful through passion so even though it sounds like a lot of fun, it is okay to win at life using drive.


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Choosing the Right Career for You

Choosing the Right Career for You

We started dreaming when we were young. Some of us wanted to be a doctor, an engineer, a movie actor and a scientist. We were full of hopes and we role played what we wanted to be in the future when we were kids. As times passed by, we realized that there r a lot other options to choose as a career. Those who wanted to be a doctor when they were young boys and girls suddenly wanted to become an architect. As you enter adulthood, one of the most important questions that will come up is: What career path are you going to take?

It is true that it’s difficult to pick a career especially if you haven’t figured out what you want to do in your life. Choosing a career is crucial as it will determine what your future will be. So I’m about to share some of the guidelines that you may use in choosing a career.


  1. Learn more about yourself

You may think that you know yourself very well but you might be surprised to discover some other things about you once you do a self-assessment. Think about your strengths, weaknesses, skills, values and personality. You may take online personality assessment tests or you could hire a career counselor to help you out.


  1. Do not listen to other people

Ignore those people who r telling you which career to take. It does not mean that your mom is a nurse you should be a nurse too unless it is what you wanted to be. They will not dictate your life.


  1. Make a list of occupations

Take note of the occupations that might suit you based on your skills and personality. Learn more about those careers and see which ones appeal to you. Narrow down your list until you only have few options.


  1. Conduct interviews

Talk to people who are on the same career path as what you are looking to take. You could learn more about an occupation if you will talk to someone who has the same job. If you have multiple career options then this will help you realize which one you really want to do based on other’s experiences.


  1. Write a career action plan

It is a written document that lays out all the steps that will help you reach your career goal. Include your short and long term goals on your action plan. This should guide you to go from point A to point B.


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Subaru Challenge is Back Again

It is the time of the year again when the Mediacorp Subaru Challenge is on. Every year in October, I will get the usual questions from people – any tips to share so that they can stand a higher chance to win the car. 9 years ago, I did the craziest thing in my life. I pushed my own limits and won a Subaru car. Found that screenshot in my hard disk when I was looking for some photos for a CNA interview.

It’s almost 1 week to the challenge. I hope that the contestants sleep as much as possible this week, pay off any sleep debts and continue to eat and exercise well to prepare for the challenge.

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What to Wear for Subaru Challenge

What to wear if you are going for the Subaru Challenge?

First of all, let’s be realistic. It is a tough challenge, standing in the sun and rain for at least 4 days 3 nights. You want to be as comfortable as possible and be ready for all kind of weather. I like my bikinis and surf shorts. Keep me cool and dry easily if it rains. Slippers are the best. And please, no makeup and running shoes, unless you don’t mind looking like a panda or be barefooted because you had to take off your shoes after a downpour. I prefer to keep my hair off my face too.

A picture of me in my infamous red surf shorts and with my 2005 challenge buddy, Naz. One of the many good friends that I made from this challenge. I made a mistake in 2006 and didn’t wear it. Weather was too hot and I was in Gortex pants. Lesson learnt and I put back my red surf shorts in 2007 and won the challenge. My lucky red shorts. 🙂

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One Thing Prior to Subaru Challenge

Someone asked me – what is one thing that you would definitely do prior to stepping into Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza for the #subaruchallenge?

My answer – Sunblock! Although I can’t reapply during the challenge, but at least I get to apply before it and avoid some sun damage. Sun burnt is equally as bad as water retention.

One of my favourite photos from the 2006 challenge. I lasted only 50 hours as I got water retention on both feet. That was my 2nd attempt. See how tiny my palm is. Heehee. My advantage for the challenge.

#carchallenge #subaruchallenge #mediacorpcarchallenge #tips #winacar

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Surviving the Subaru Challenge Days

I was laughing happily at some jokes and my favorite photographer from the 2007 #subaruchallenge caught it. Must be on the first day where the challenge just started because I was still looking so fresh. This photo has one of the other strongest and determined ladies that I know too – Analiza. It was the year where the theme was the Battle of Sex. Male vs Female. These ladies made my battle much easier.

During the challenge:

1. Keep yourself entertained by talking to people around you. Make friends and time will pass faster this way.
2. Focus on counting down to each break time i.e. every 6 hours. Don’t focus on the hours that past. Positive thinking.
3. Dance! Keep your legs moving to avoid water retention.

#carchallenge #subaruchallenge #mediacorpcarchallenge #tips #winacar

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3 Important Lessons Learnt from Subaru Challenge

3 lessons that I have learned from the #subaruchallenge
1. Teamwork is important for better time management. 5 minutes is so precious during the challenge. Organise half the car to go for toilet breaks and the other half to get food to avoid the human jam.
2. Family support is the key to everything. I had a lot of family and friends supporting me throughout the 4 days. Naz, my 2005 challenge buddy was there, together with Desmond (other veterans I know from the challenge), my bestie and my sis. I’m very thankful that the photographer captured this moment for me to see.
3. Winning may be important, but the journey matters more. I made a lot of great friends from the challenge, even prior to winning the car.

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Winning Moment

I have always been an average performer in school. Failed History and Literature. Couldn’t get into my dream IT course in polytechnic, went into Mechantronics Engineering instead. But I never regret a single thing that happened because no matter what I do, I will always try my best and I made the best out of everything at every scenario. Saw this photo of me winning the car feels a bit unrealistic. Sometimes I still don’t believe that I actually did such a crazy thing. As the saying goes – If you never try, you will never know. And when you try, just don’t give up so easily.

The #subaruchallenge has really made me push myself to my limits. 4 days 3 night without sleep and under the sun and rain has made me realised that I could do a lot more with this #obstinacypower of mine. Determination can get you any goals and anything you want in your life. You just have to believe that you can do it and get the right strategy around it. My family told me that this was also their proudest moment. <3 Wishing all the contestants a better weather for the next 4 days and may the best hand win! #carchallenge #subaruchallenge #mediacorpcarchallenge #tips #winacar #familylove