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“Just a pretty face” – the line this IT whizz has never forgotten

Thank you This Woman Can​ for the feature. I’m glad to be able to share with other fellow ladies on my experience. Hope that they persevere on what they enjoy doing and never give up because we can! A good weekend Peep!

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“Just a pretty face” – the line this IT whizz has never forgotten

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Discount for Heliocare Products

Hey peeps! Remember I was sharing about the oral sunblock pills and the oil free sunblock from Heliocare? They are having a 20% discount on their web store now! Code is VIP20 and it is valid till 17 Jan 2017. Makes a good X’mas gift too! #xmas2016 #xmas #sunblock #skinprotection #trending #discount

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Good Bye 2016, Hello 2017

Summing up my 2016:

Travel – Stepped out of Singapore 13 times this year for both work and leisure. Breaking my 10 times record last year. Seeing new country, swimming with whale sharks had been exciting but I didn’t skydive this year.

Work – Migrated and implemented cloud ERP, CRM and accounting systems in Nucleo to improve productivity and better visibility of the business. Pretty proud that I managed to push it through (of course with help of various guys from my team and some of my best interns). I’m a little disappointed with the few hires I had this year. Back to square one in terms of head counts. We also lost a few old clients this year but that’s business. Importantly, we will have a new IT solution for 2017.

Family – So glad that I spent more time with family this year. Someone ever told me – No point being all successful and you have no love ones with you. So family trips continue! 2017 will be a challenge trip as there will be a newborn and toddler in the group. Not to mention my closest cousin is also pregnant with another nephew, which is a wonderful news to close off my 2016. I feel so happy with these new additions at home! It’s all noisy again!

Dancing – Looking back at my videos last year at this time, I look really really horrible with super bad balance. Not that I am dancing at my best now but I am quite happy with the improvement I have made after putting in the time and effort to practise almost every night after reaching home despite feeling drained or tired from work. So hard work do pay off! Of course, winning competitions is important but enjoying the journey is equally as important. And I love having a fit body again!

Additional surprises in 2016 – Having another book “Successful Women in Business” was a huge surprise. Felt really honored when my publisher asked me to contribute a chapter to share some of my entrepreneurship journey with people.

Thank you 2016! Let’s make 2017 as memorable and even better! Happy New Year​ everyone! May 2017 be an awesome year for you!

p/s: I have the same 24 hours a day like everyone else. Curious about how I do all these? Look out for my new book – Obstinacy Power in 2017!

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