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Choosing the Right Career for You

Choosing the Right Career for You

We started dreaming when we were young. Some of us wanted to be a doctor, an engineer, a movie actor and a scientist. We were full of hopes and we role played what we wanted to be in the future when we were kids. As times passed by, we realized that there r a lot other options to choose as a career. Those who wanted to be a doctor when they were young boys and girls suddenly wanted to become an architect. As you enter adulthood, one of the most important questions that will come up is: What career path are you going to take?

It is true that it’s difficult to pick a career especially if you haven’t figured out what you want to do in your life. Choosing a career is crucial as it will determine what your future will be. So I’m about to share some of the guidelines that you may use in choosing a career.


  1. Learn more about yourself

You may think that you know yourself very well but you might be surprised to discover some other things about you once you do a self-assessment. Think about your strengths, weaknesses, skills, values and personality. You may take online personality assessment tests or you could hire a career counselor to help you out.


  1. Do not listen to other people

Ignore those people who r telling you which career to take. It does not mean that your mom is a nurse you should be a nurse too unless it is what you wanted to be. They will not dictate your life.


  1. Make a list of occupations

Take note of the occupations that might suit you based on your skills and personality. Learn more about those careers and see which ones appeal to you. Narrow down your list until you only have few options.


  1. Conduct interviews

Talk to people who are on the same career path as what you are looking to take. You could learn more about an occupation if you will talk to someone who has the same job. If you have multiple career options then this will help you realize which one you really want to do based on other’s experiences.


  1. Write a career action plan

It is a written document that lays out all the steps that will help you reach your career goal. Include your short and long term goals on your action plan. This should guide you to go from point A to point B.


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