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Drive versus Passion

Drive versus Passion

You might be wondering what is more important in becoming successful. Is it your drive? Or your passion? Is there any difference between the two? Do you need to have both in order to be successful? A lot of people confuse passion with drive. They are both great personalities that each one of us should have. With both passion and drive, you will have the motivation to succeed, so yes both are important in reaching your dreams. Do you need to have both? Not really. They are two completely different forces and you should be able to identify which one you have.

Passion is a strong emotion that lets you do something you really love. It is uncontrollable enthusiasm to do something. So if you are passionate about your job, no one needs to force you to go to work every single day. You go to work at your own will and you enjoy doing it. When you are passionate, you work hard and strive to get better and better at your job. It is some sort of an addiction to do something and you go all out doing it. You are inspired to accomplish things and it pushes you to move forward. You are not only committed to reaching your goal but you are enjoying the path to making it happen. Passion also gives you a sense of satisfaction.


Drive on the other hand is a strong urge to reach your goal or satisfy a need. You are only focused on your desire for success and recognition that you don’t really see the beauty of what you are doing. A person who is motivated by drive does not easily get satisfied even after reaching their goal. They feel like they still need to do more so they tend to overwork. After reaching a goal, they start focusing on the next. When you are motivated by drive, you don’t necessarily have to like what you are doing but you enjoy the comfort and recognition it gives. Drive will make you feel as though you are running on adrenaline. You live with a sense of urgency and you have trouble slowing down. Reaching your goal is the only thing on your mind and you won’t stop until you finally do.


So which one do you think is better, passion or drive? As mentioned, both gives the same end result which is success. Not all of of us can be successful through passion so even though it sounds like a lot of fun, it is okay to win at life using drive.


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