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Effective Communication

effective communication

Being able to communicate effectively is a skill one should have in order to succeed in the business world. How you communicate greatly affects the relationships you have in your life and work. You should not just be careful in choosing the words you say to avoid conflicts, but you should also be mindful of how you say what you have to say. Sometimes, when we let our emotions overpower our minds, we say things we regret saying in the end. You might be someone who is afraid of talking to different kind of people. Whether you are a wallflower or an outgoing person, you should learn to be able to communicate effectively. If you feel like you’re not a good communicator yet, you should start practicing to be one. Here are some of the effective communication skills you must have:

  • Active Listening

When someone is talking, you just don’t listen to the words they say, you have to understand them. You need to be alert and show interest in what the other person has to say. Do not interrupt them when they talk but give nonverbal cues like nodding to let them know that you are listening. If you are an active listener, you will be able to respond accordingly to what they say when it’s your time to speak.

  • Empathize

This is putting yourself in another person’s position. Try to think and feel the way they do so that you can understand better where they are coming from. When you empathize, you avoid being judgmental and you can choose the right words to say to other people. You become sensitive of their feelings.

  • Use eye contact

Making eye contact with whoever you are talking to will make them feel your sincerity. If they feel that you are sincere, then they are encouraged to talk to you even more. When done right, this will also show people that you are confident and you actually believe the words that are coming out of your own mouth. You will look credible to them.

  • Use humor

Joking a little lightens up a situation, just make sure that you do it on the right time at the right situation. People love a funny and smart person. If you use your sense of humor correctly, you will surely catch the hearts of a lot of people.

  • Ask questions

Asking questions will let them know that you are listening and you are interested in what they are talking about. Just make sure that you do not ask too much questions as if you don’t understand what they are saying at all. Ask smart questions.

  • Build Rapport

Make them feel comfortable talking to you. Building rapport is like building trust. Find something that you share common interest with another person and open a topic about it. Ask them how they are doing or ask light questions that will make them feel at ease talking to you.

  • Use of nonverbal cues

Talking should involve gestures and body language. You can’t just stand stiffly then talk and expect everyone will believe what you’re saying. You should make people feel that they are actually listening and talking to a human being who has emotions.

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