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How to Score 5 Star Reviews

How to Score 5 Star Reviews

As a business owner, what people say about your products/services is what matters the most to you. Testimonials of people who have used your services and products have great impact on potential buyers. That is why it is extremely important that you deliver exceptional service so that people will have good things to say about your business. Building a relationship with consumers is also important as it will promote loyalty. Reviews are important because most potential buyers depend on the star ratings that your business has. So how will you score 5 out of 5 star rating?

Here are some of the tips I have to help you score a 5 star review:

  1. Focus on your loyal customers

It will be easier for you to get a 5 from people who already love your products/services.

  1. Do not be pushy when asking for reviews

You don’t know what an attitude a person has. Being pushy irritates people most of the time and you don’t want that happening. Just do your best in delivering good customer service and if they appreciate it, they will surely leave a good review.

  1. Proactively ask for reviews

You might not want to do this but this is one of the most effective ways in getting good reviews. But then again, just don’t be pushy. Choose customers who you know love your service. You can ask for a review by sending your loyal customers email, you can also write a blog about it or conduct a podcast.

  1. Turn negative review into positive

Do not let one negative review affect the whole reputation of your business. You need to get as much positive reviews as possible to cover the negative ones. You could also try reaching out to customers who find your service horrible to learn what went wrong and you could avoid that in the future. How you respond to a negative review will reflect on the kind of business you are. You can actually win back the unhappy customers (and even potential customers who read the bad review) so deal with it as professionally as you can.

  1. Take the opportunity to ask “How can we make your experience better?”

Reviews answering this question will let you discover your business’ weaknesses based on customers’ perception. You’ll then have the opportunity to improve your service.

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