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Improving Your Word of Mouth Referral

Improving Your Word of Mouth Referral

It is a human nature to rely on testimonials of other people when choosing a product or service. People trust referrals from family and friends than advertisements and other types of referral. Businesses should treat word of mouth marketing seriously because your customers can be your sales force. Word of mouth is also essential in the growth of your business when you’re a start-up. Someone will take interest in buying your product or service because another person said they should try it and this happens a lot. So how will you increase your word of mouth referral? Here are some of the ways to do so:

  • Ask for referrals

Asking for your current customers to help you spread words about how good your business is proves to be one of the most effective ways in increasing word of mouth referral. If they feel like your product or service could really help others, they’d happily refer you to their family and friends.

  • Use social media

Social media is a place where people find information fast. It is also where 2 million people are on. Using social media to encourage people to talk about your business will help you in reaching more people. If they see a post of a friend on Facebook about your product, they will be intrigued by it and chances are, they will try your product too.

  • Connect to the human emotion

Capturing the hearts of your audience is one effective way for your business to be known. If you facilitate a campaign in helping a cancer patient by donating part of you profit to support his medication and hospitalization, people will only say good things about your business. And people will keep talking about it until you establish your name on the market.

  • Build a community

You should bring your customers together with other customers. You could use social media platforms to create a group or create a chatroom on your website where people can talk to and share their experience with your service.

  • Invest in customer experience

There is no strategy better than delivering exceptional customer service. If you satisfy all your customers, how they can say anything bad about your business? They can only talk about how good their experience is and happy customers will surely influence other people to try your service.

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