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Interview with Neoasia’s Managing Director, Mr Jimmy Ang

re did mention in one of my postings that the 1 thing I would always do prior to the Subaru Challenge was to apply sunblock. Heliocare is one of my favorite brands in the market. I chanced upon this brand from my GP and I love their sunblock because it is oil-free! Awesome for my combination skin. Do you know that there are even an oral sunblock pills? Amazing technology!

I was asked by my publisher to interview our local successful entrepreneurs as a research for my book and I started thinking about those brands that I have been using and see which are the ones that locally breed in Singapore for years. NeoAsia has been around for 20 over years! Pluck up my courage and called up NeoAsia to seek for an interview with their Managing Director, Mr. Jimmy Ang, and he agreed to it! I was thrilled because it would be great insights for my readers and to be able to include some of his views into my book. He was super nice and shared his stories of how he started up and what was critical to a start-up in the distribution business.

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