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Life as a New Boss

Life as a New Boss

Promotion is what every employee aims for. After putting in long hours of work, enduring hardships that your job gives you, finally you’ve been promoted as a new manager. Does that make you happy and proud? Of course it does. But, aside from taking pride in being called boss and being look up to by your former peers, you understand that it is a big responsibility to be the new manager. The pressure doubled and the time you need to spend working doubled too. You will start questioning yourself if you really deserve the title and if you could really meet the expectations set upon you. Are you that capable of making an important decision? Because as soon as you sit as a new manager, you will be making one right away. And how can you transition your relationship from being a co-worker to a boss? Will everyone give you the respect you deserve? A lot other questions may run into your mind but try to relax. Remember that you’ve been given that role because the people who made that happen believe that you are ready to take that big responsibility. If they believe in you, better start believing in yourself too. Your promotion did not happen overnight, you worked hard for it for months or even years. You totally deserve it and you should start waking up the boss in you.


Here are some of the best practices to get you started as a new manager:

  1. Establish Authority

It might feel awkward at first but you should start embracing the fact that you are now a manager and no longer a team member. Your former peers, they are your team member and you should let them realize that you are the new person they will report to. Do not abuse your newly acquired authority though. Do not use it to power trip or to get even with former co-workers that had done bad things to you in the past.

  1. Build strong relationship

It’s okay to still be friends with your former peers. Let them feel that even though you are their boss, you are that same humble and kind co-worker they used to have lunch breaks with. Communication is of the key to having harmonious relationship. Talk to your team members and be open to their suggestions. Get their cooperation so that you will not have a problem managing them.

  1. Set expectations and goals

It is important that you are on the same page as everybody you work with. Set realistic expectations and discuss ways on how your team will meet those.

  1. Acknowledge good performance

You’ve been an employee before and you know how good it feels when you’re given recognition whenever you’ve done a great job. It will surely promote a positive environment within your team. Be sincere when you give kudos.

  1. Be a Model

You can start by not being late at work. Be someone who your members can look up to. Be an inspiration to them. Show them how you give your best at work so that they can give theirs as well.

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