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Resolving Conflicts at Work

Conflict is part of everyone’s life. No matter how nice we are, there are things that we could not control that may lead to conflict with other people. Differences in values and beliefs may cause conflict and that happens everywhere, especially at work. Some people feel demotivated going to work just because they have people they are not in good terms with. Subordinates refuse to follow their team leader because of his management style. There are a lot of reasons why conflict happens but one thing I’m sure of is that it is not a good feeling when you go to work with a heavy heart. As a team leader, it is your responsibility to handle conflicts within your team members. To help you out in resolving conflicts at work, here are some of the steps that you could take:

  1. Speak out

If you know there is a conflict within your team or you know some of your members do not agree with your leadership style, you should be the one to speak out about it. You should also listen when it is your team members’ time to speak. Listen to both parties and do not take sides.

  1. Do not delay confrontation

It is better that you deal with the conflict sooner than later. If a conflict arises and it has not done too much damage yet, it is easier to resolve than when other people have already been involved. Remember that a conflict affects employee’s performance so if you don’t resolve issues right away, their productivity will be affected.

  1. Promote Teamwork

This will make employees realize the importance of teamwork. Remind them that all of you should work together to achieve success. Create an environment where team members are encouraged to show their skills and perform at their best.

  1. Give kudos

Acknowledge a good performance by your employees. Let them feel they are valued and you appreciate their effort at work. This will make them feel motivated and instead of them looking at other’s performance, they will focus on their own.

  1. Brainstorming

Gather your group and let them suggest ideas on how to resolve the conflict. Discuss all the options that will be given and let the majority decide.

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