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How to Deal with a Difficult Boss

How to Deal with a Difficult Boss

Admit it, not everyone of us has a boss who we like. Sometimes, they can be a pain in the neck and they add pressure to our jobs. I understand that it is frustrating when you feel like you did your job right but still it seems as though it’s still not enough for your boss. It is demotivating when your boss keeps giving you destructive criticisms. You feel undervalued when you are not given the recognition you deserve. But before you think about leaving your job, why not think first of ways on how to professionally handle your relationship with your boss? I’ve gathered some of the best advices to help you deal with your bad boss.


  1. Empathize your boss

Try to put your shoes in your boss’ to better understand what he is coming from. What are the things that motivate him/her? What drives them to work hard? Try to look at the workplace as they might. Do you know what makes them happy or mad? Is it important for them to impress others? When you better understand your boss that’s the time you could talk to them more effectively. You’ll be able to carefully choose your words so that it will be in line with his values and they might listen to you.

  1. Identify Triggers

Some bosses have anger management issues that need to be handled. If you are able to identify what triggers that attitude then you could avoid it.


  1. Don’t let it affect your work

I know this is kind of hard to do since your boss could really have a great impact on your motivation at work. Remember that it’s not only your boss who you need to deal with. You have other superiors and co-workers that you can be in good terms with. Enjoy some few laughs with people in your company that you don’t have problem with to divert your frustration. And most importantly, focus on getting your job done.


  1. Talk to your boss

Talking resolves a lot of conflicts. If you try to talk to him/her, you might find out that he/she is not as bad as you thought. Maybe they are going through some personal issues and they just need someone to talk to about it. Your relationship with your boss doesn’t have to be personal but they are still human beings that are capable of feeling.


  1. Ask your boss if they need your assistance

Be proactive. Ask about their goals and see how can you be of assistance. They will appreciate that.


  1. Manage your own emotions

When you’re upset, a lot of things goes through your head but you should get a grip of your own emotions. Learn to respect your superior for you to earn the respect you well deserve. It is important that you know how to stay calm so that you can think clear.