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The Power of Positive Thinking

Do you think that there is always rainbow after the rain? Do you always see the good in everybody? Do you think of the brighter side of any situation that you’re in? If you answer yes to all three questions then you have a positive outlook in life. We always hear how positivity is important and how it could help us get through any trial that we face in life, but how true is that? Well, if you are a positive thinker you always think of the solution to a problem and not just dwell on the problem itself. Some might think that positive thinking is a concept, some think it is absurd. Some people are pessimists because they think that they’d rather anticipate a bad result so that it will be less frustrating if it actually happens. But I still believe that positive thinking is something that each one of us should possess in order to overcome the challenges in our lives.


I truly believe that positive thinking leads to happiness and success. If you think positively, your self-confidence and self-esteem are boosted because you will always think that you can do anything, no matter how hard it might be. For example, if you are on a job interview and you think positively, then you will be confident enough to answer the job interview and you’d be able to express yourself more. Chances are you will score the job. Compared if you are a pessimist, through the job interview you will be bothered by the thought that you might fail the interview and instead of you concentrating on answering your interviewer, you will be bothered by the thought of failing all throughout. Also, our way of thinking affects our decision making. Do you think you’ll be able to decide smartly if you have a negative thinking? I don’t think so. If you think negatively, you’re just focused on how bad the situation you are in. If there is a snake in front of you and you think that it will bite you, you are more likely to run away. What will happen next? You’ll get bitten by the snake because you will threaten the snake by running. But, if you have a positive attitude then you might think of other possible ways to escape the situation. Your brain will work more effectively giving you more options.

Your relationship with other people will be well if you are a positive thinker. If you’re given a criticism at work, you will think of it as constructive. Instead of hating your boss for saying something about how you do your job, you will be grateful instead and use his constructive criticism to become better at what you do. It is not hard to have a positive attitude. You’ll be happier and you’ll find yourself more at peace. It is an attitude that every one of us should have. There is nothing wrong about expecting the best to happen. Positive thinking will make you work hard to get the result you want. It makes you anticipate something good. You are less afraid too if you think positively. You are willing to take risk and you will enjoy life more. I encourage everyone to have a positive outlook in life because we only pass this road once, so make the most of the journey.

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