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What to Wear for Subaru Challenge

What to wear if you are going for the Subaru Challenge?

First of all, let’s be realistic. It is a tough challenge, standing in the sun and rain for at least 4 days 3 nights. You want to be as comfortable as possible and be ready for all kind of weather. I like my bikinis and surf shorts. Keep me cool and dry easily if it rains. Slippers are the best. And please, no makeup and running shoes, unless you don’t mind looking like a panda or be barefooted because you had to take off your shoes after a downpour. I prefer to keep my hair off my face too.

A picture of me in my infamous red surf shorts and with my 2005 challenge buddy, Naz. One of the many good friends that I made from this challenge. I made a mistake in 2006 and didn’t wear it. Weather was too hot and I was in Gortex pants. Lesson learnt and I put back my red surf shorts in 2007 and won the challenge. My lucky red shorts. 🙂

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