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Winner of Mediacorp Subaru Challenge 2016 is Out!

Checking on Ana, while I had my lunch at Paul. Look at the crowd supporting them!

Ali, the #subaruchallenge winner for 2016! Well done my friend!

Yusman (2013 winner), Kevin (my 2007 fellow male winner), Jai (2014 winner, existing record holder), Huynh (2015 winner from Vietnam), KC (2011 winner on extreme right).

Photo with some Subaru Alumni friends. George (2008 winner, aka the guy who broke my record) in black.
Yesterday was a really exciting day for us, the Subaru Alumni, because the results of the challenge would be out and a few of the people from the gang made it to top 5. Every year, without fail, I will pop by, together with some past winners, to cheer on the final 3 people and hope that the winner would be one of the veterans we know. It was an extremely tough fight between Ali and Analiza. Ali has taken part 12 times and Ana did 9. Both equally as qualified to be a winner and in fact, both of them were already winners in our hearts. But it is all down to the challenger’s mind on the very last day. Any small mistake will disqualify you to be the winner. Both of them are equally as tired (mentally and physically). We know what kind of mistakes they would made, and we could only stand anxiously outside, shouting at them, giving them small instructions to keep them awake. The gang tried to help out with their families while they keep an eye on them – we were all taking turns to carry Ali’s baby girl and check on Ana’s daughter to make sure she is ok. It was a community spirit.
Ali won and it was painful for me to see Ana crying. I have no words of consolation for her to make her feel better. All I squeezed out of my mouth was Ana, there is always next year. Don’t give up and you will be a winner for sure. You are already a fellow female winner in my heart.
A challenge is cruel. You can only have 1 winner and you have 2 friends fighting for it…


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