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Wise words from a rich man

Li Ka-Shing: If You Are Reaching 40 Years Old and You Do Not Want to Be Poor, Please Take At Least 1 Minute to Read This

When you are 20 years old and do not have enough money, that’s normal.

If you are 30 years old, you need to work harder.

If you are 40, then you need to find the reason why.

Hong Kong’s Li Ka-Shing once said: Whether you are a man or a woman, if you want to succeed, this is what you have to do:

1. Stop believing in fantasy

This is the reality. Feelings alone can’t feed you.

Don’t believe in what you see in movies, it’s just an illusion. Only irrational and unrealistic people believe in movie fantasy.

2. Give yourself a goal

Set a goal, one year, two years, five years, maybe you are not born rich, but through hard work, most of the time you will be able to change 70% of your destiny.

Li Ka-Shing spends more than 90% of the time to think five years, ten years after the future, not now.

As early as 2006, he reminded the executive team to reduce debt, ready to deal with the danger. Then in 2007, while the subprime mortgage crisis swept the world, his company was safe to spend.

3. Show reciprocity

When your friends treat you a meal, don’t take it for granted.

Remember to show reciprocity, or your reputation will get worse.

4. Find a true friend

Among your circle of friends, you must cultivate a confidant.

Do not think that you have many friends around because, in the end, there could be only one who you is true to you. Trust me.

5. Don’t believe everything in horoscope

Horoscopes are just to coax children.

Your destiny is in your own hands.

Sitting around at home waiting for a big house and a big car, it won’t happen. You might as well sleep and dream about it.

6. Do not talk behind people’s back

If you don’t like someone, spend less time around them.

But remember do not talk bad or gossip behind their back. You are as bad as a gossiper.

7. Spend less time on computer games

This is not Korea. Not many have the ability to make a living by playing computer games.

You may be a high-level character in your game, but it does not mean you are successful.

You can have a hobby but do in moderation. Because too much time spending on games will affect and occupy your success time.

For more than 60 years, Li Ka-Shing works 12 hours a day. After dinner he watches 20 minutes of English TV programme, and practice loudly. Then reads before bedtime and wakes up at 5:59 am every morning….a very strict self-discipline.

8. Don’t be lazy to take action

People are lazy, it’s innate.

But we can change this laziness because people are always changing.

For some kind of thing or business, do not wait for others to do it, then say I could have thought of it.

Do not wait for someone else to make money, then you want to do it. No one will wait for you.

9. Know what to do

In the dead of the night,

ask yourself, your future plans, and in what direction to achieve instead of doing nothing and wasting your time.

10. Find a way

Way out, go out, there will always be a way.

Difficulty, suffering, staying put is not a way.

11. Woman can do big things

As a woman, do not think that many things are none of your business.

If you think you only just need to wash laundry, cook, taking care of children then you are wrong, big time.1

12. What to do in life

Life, to do: Filial piety for the first, teach children to do good, being a harmonious husband and wife, equates to happy long years.

However, these are not just a lip service.

For the early years to do these, needs a lot of effort and hardships. Today’s society needs you to pay a huge sum of money, smart people know this reason.

13. Spend your time wisely

During your free time, do not often go online and do meaningless things or play some meaningless games.

Go read some literary works, learn some business process, management practices, international affairs, legal knowledge.

This will ensure that you have a topic to talk about at any party.

14. Keep trying

There is a saying, “would rather kill wrongly 1000 information than to let go of a chance of success”.

Only this you won’t live in regret.

15. Word of success

Before success, to do one thing, there is no need to tell other people.

After the success, you do not have to say and other people will know. This is the effect of the information age.

16. Maintain a presentable image

Hair, nails, beard, trim them.

The society is judgemental.

Unless you are an artist, please do not take the risk.

Even if you look good in long hair, ensure that you give a clean, presentable image.

17. Maintain your health

Do not think you are a man, you do not need maintenance.

At least your diet cannot be too casual. Eat more tomatoes, seafood, leeks, bananas. They are beneficial to men’s health.

If you cannot see the value, I can tell you, at least you can save the money to buy your wife a few more cosmetics instead of paying a medical bill.


Strive to go forward, do not always think of relying on others.

People are selfish, hence you, yourself are the most reliable person.

In the face of failure, do not care too much.

Failure happens to anyone. Suffer your mind, labour its bones, hungry till the skin, but in the process, you need to learn to be accountable, find reasons and get rid of bad habits.

Everyone has a chance to succeed!

You can succeed only if you want to give yourself the chance to do so.

So do it now.


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