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Work and Life Balance

Are you the type who rarely have time going out on weekends because you’re busy working? Do you spend long hours at work that when you get home you go directly to bed without even changing your clothes? Is it difficult for you to find time for your family because of your job? Some of us have jobs that demand a lot of our time and effort but is it fair that we forget about all the other aspects of our lives just to comply with what is expected from us at work? Besides being employees, we are also human beings that need time for ourselves, families, and friends. Your boss is not the only person who needs you, your wife/husband needs you, your children need you, your parents need you and so are your friends. You also need to have time for yourself, you need to relax and pamper yourself sometimes because you deserve it. If you feel that you are neglecting other important aspects in your life, it will make you feel stressed and unhappy. You might be earning enough to support your family or yourself, but are you really happy spending most of your time working? Here are some of the ways you could pursue a balanced life:

  • Work smarter

There’s nothing wrong about working hard, but working too much might not be healthy for you. If you’re supposed to work for 8 hours a day only, then finish your job for the day on or before that 8 hours is up. You will be able to finish your work on time if you work smart. Do not waste time on unimportant things during your 8 hour shift. Learn to strategize, finish difficult tasks first before you work on the lighter load.

  • Learn to say no

If your boss requests something from you outside of your work schedule, you can always say no. I understand that it’s hard to do especially if you’re aiming for a promotion and you ‘d like to impress your boss, but making yourself available to your boss 24/7 will make them abusive. They will get used to the fact that they can rely on you whenever, wherever. It is not a bad thing to let your boss know that you have commitment outside work that you need to attend to and you can’t satisfy their request. They will understand that.

  • Refrain from checking your email

When it is your day off, refrain from checking your email or work related messages. You don’t need to talk to your co-worker about work when you are not in the office. You can ignore emails that are sent on a Sunday because they can’t expect you to respond to that while you’re having lunch outside with your family.

  • Forget about perfection

Always remember that nothing in this world is perfect. Do not overwork just to achieve perfection. When you know you have done your job right, that’s it, you stop at that. Do not spend any more time perfecting a task that has been done right.

  • Exercise and meditate

This will help you relieve stress from your body. Exercise is not just essential for your physical health but to your mental health too. It refreshes your outlook in life and clears your head. Take time to meditate too to reflect on the things that are going on in your life. When you meditate, you’ll think about your priorities in life and which includes making time for yourself and your family.

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